Is Your Heart In It?

09 Feb
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If your heart’s not in it, not engaged in what you’re doing, then neither are you. You’re just going through the motions.  Things may look good on the outside, but they don’t feel that good on the inside.

February is the month we focus on heart health and romantic love. It’s also important to pay attention to your heart’s desire, wisdom and the intelligence it holds.  Our heart is our compass.

Here’s a story about Toni (not her real name) who felt she was missing from her life.  I hope it inspires you to listen and trust what your heart is telling you.

On The Run

“I want to connect to my life in a more powerful and real way,” said the woman on my voice mail. This was an exciting message for me to receive.  It was bold and brave and I couldn’t wait to find out more about the woman who left it.

When I met Toni, she was jump-starting her Christmas shopping.  She wasn’t in a festive mood. She was feeling rushed and guilty about taking time away from the work she needed to do in her business.

“I’m always on the run and no farther ahead,” Toni told me. “I don’t have a grip on things.” On the outside it all looks great,” she said, “and I should be happy, but I’m not.”   Can you relate?

Quick Fixes

Toni was feeling lost and missing a deep and joyful connection with herself.  She spends a great deal of money on her hair, nails and makeup.  “It’s my only personal time,” said Toni.  “It’s a quick fix, I know and it doesn’t’ feel right or real anymore.”    What are your quick fixes?

Taking Care Of It All

Toni has been working hard since her teen years.  It’s what she knows. She is the voice of authority and support for the people around her. Toni’s family, staff and customers rely heavily on her and she does her best not to disappoint anyone.

Toni cannot maintain her hectic pace and she is feeling “worn out.”   “I’ve created a deep rut,” said Toni.  “ And I need help getting out.”   Are you in a rut?

Clear The Muddle

Toni wanted a different way to live.  She decided it was time to put her first and she knew she needed help to take action and clear the muddle in her mind.  She wanted to create real goals and a plan she could live with and actually stick to.

Permission To Feel Your Heart’s Desire

Toni’s energy was scattered.  Her first step was to slow down and begin to re-connect to what she really wanted and why she wanted it. Toni gave herself permission to feel her heart’s desire.

In my practice, I see how challenging this is and how quickly we can logic our way out of our heart’s desire and destroy our dreams.

Give Your Life The Undivided Attention It Deserves

Toni’s wish was “to go beyond the feeling of just surviving each day.” She wanted to feel more optimistic and powerful.  “I don’t want to loose track of myself again,” she said.

Toni took everything down a notch.  She began to care enough to really want to change her results.   What results to do you want?

Feeling More Alive

“Something important is happening,” said Toni.  “I’m feeling more alive.”  “It’s like I have a big ball of light on the inside to guide me.”

Toni is coming home to herself.  You can too.

A Courageous Step

Steven Pressfield sums it up perfectly in his quote…”Put your ass where your heart wants to be.”

When you follow your heart you are fully present, connected and genuinely real in every area of your life.

Following your heart is a courageous and deeply personal practice.  If you are ready to follow your heart, I am here to help guide you.


How To Bring Joy Back Into Your Life.

16 Jan
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How to Bring Joy Back Into Your LifeWhat makes some people joyful and others not? Have you met people who have very little and are happy and joyful, while others who seem to have it all, lack happiness and joy?  Research shows that joy is not attached to what we have, how much we earn or what we accomplish or achieve.

Joy is an inside job.  In today’s world we are flooded with messages that tell us our joy is outside us, that we can buy it, and that our things and accomplishments will bring us more joy.

Things can make us happy.  Who doesn’t like a new pair of shoes? But, that’s not joy.  Happy is on the surface.  Joy is right at our core.  Joy doesn’t come to you – it is you. And, we all have a never-ending supply.  How exciting is that?

I feel most alive, free and expansive in my joy.  It’s a vibrant and peaceful feeling that I call ultimate well-being.  Laughing, spending time with my grandson and meditation all tap into my well of joy.   I have a friend who feels joyful and free when she is dancing.

Finding our way to lasting joy and learning to express it may be the most important thing we do in our lives.  Here are 3 things you can do right now to re-connect to your joy.


Remember that your joy is in you at all times. It’s more than a holiday feeling.  We came into this world as “little bundles of joy.” By the time we are adults, our inner joy can be buried under heaps of cultural beliefs and layers of negativity because that’s how many of us were raised and continue to focus.

Beliefs play a large part in finding and expressing your joy.  When you can accept that joy is your birthright and that you are worthy of being joyful it will be easier to allow  your joy to rise to the surface.  Joyful people make feeling good a priority.  They focus on what’s right and wonderful more so than on what’s wrong or missing.


I worked with a man who was at a crossroads and was ready to explore his options and make a new career decision.  He wanted this turning point to be an opportunity to live and work in a new and meaningful way.  But, there was a big piece missing in his puzzle.  He discovered that the missing piece was his joy.

Instead of leaving everything to find a new career path, he vowed to spend time exploring and doing everything that made him happy and feel his joy.  He realized that his joy and happiness were his starting point and that his vision and goals would come from his joy.

He shifted his thinking from what should I do to what do I want.


A woman I know said if she had to give her joy a colour it would be yellow and effervescent and that she just can’t keep it bottled up.  Learn to recognize your joy.  It is an expression of love.  Its energy gives and receives openly and completely.  Joy flows out of you.

What I’ve come to realize is that Joy is also a state to grow into and it takes practice. First we find it in ourselves…then we share it with everybody and everything, like our planet…it could use a little joy right now.  And before you know it, everything you do or say has part of your joy in it.

I know this may sound simple and easy and if you could do it you would.  It’s just not easy now. Sometimes we all need someone by our side to help guide us through the path of change. Yes you can do this. We can do this together.  

You Are Exactly Where You Want To Be

16 Dec
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How To Have Joy In Your Life“What,” you may be saying. “No, I’m not.”

If you’re not open to change, happiness and joy, then yes you are.  So, how do we move forward to a happier more satisfying life?

I have a few tips that will help you achieve that.

Allowing Instead of Resisting
We know that what we resist in our life persists in our life and as a result, we stay exactly where we are.

Allowing opens you to the happiness and joy already within you. Allow yourself to think and act differently.  If it makes you feel good, trust it.
When you feel good you’re happy.  Joy flows.  It’s natural to feel this way.
What might you be resisting by not allowing your happiness and joy to be expressed? What are you learning from your situation?

Letting Go Instead of Holding On
To be truly happy is to be free of the hurt, triggers and emotional charges that keep us thinking the same old thoughts over and over until they become beliefs that keep us stuck exactly where we are.

Challenge yourself and dare to think a better feeling or thought.  Letting go is a practice and doing it intentionally is the traction we need to move out of our rut.

Let go and open to love.  Holding on to past anger only hurts you. Remember, while you’re holding on to anger or resentment, the other person is out dancing.

Trust Yourself Instead of Second Guessing
We have insight and inner knowing.  Far too often, we ignore it and give in to self-doubt. Notice how quickly you dismiss your “gut feeling” or your “heart” and replace it with logic.
We loose personal power and vital energy when we continue to second-guess ourselves.
Pay attention to your inner knowing.   It is as important as your logic.

Want vs Should
What do you really,really want? What do you want your life, or relationship or work to look like? How do you want to feel everyday?
What we truly want can be buried under layers of conditioning and beliefs that tell us we aren’t good enough, or worthy enough or smart enough to have or achieve what we desire.
Should, can be limiting.  Want is desire and desire is linked to life force, purpose, and meaning.  Uncover yours by substituting the word should for want and see what happens.

See the Good, See the Good, See the Good
People who are happy and satisfied focus more on what’s right and good and less on fear and lack.  They see the beauty in themselves and others. Yes, even when you’ve asked a1000 times to have the toothpaste tube put back on.

Remember…your joy is already within you.

I’m happy to give you these tips.  They are small steps you can take immediately to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Change is not always easy.  Putting new thoughts and behaviours into place takes practice and support.  And that’s OK.  This is a great way to start.

When you are ready to stop being exactly where you are, I am here to help guide you. Contact me today to get started.

Taming Your Inner Critic

05 Jun
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After years of personal development work, coaching and being coached…I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit this.

I am amazed at how hard I can be on myself.  Still.

I’m struck by how loud, negative and menacing the inner critic’s voice is.  Devilish.

Some inner critics are stronger than others.  But they all do damage, particularly when it comes to believing positive things about ourselves and experiencing our joy.

This is what I notice about the inner critic and how it manifests in me. Continue Reading

What’s your Story?

16 Aug
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Who do you think you are?  Once upon a time…in everyone’s life, we were a “little bundle of joy.”  We come into the world with our joy.  Everyone has a never-ending supply.

photo:Creative Commons, Steve-h’s photostream

I believe joy is our true nature.  It is a pure, positive and powerful force that sits at our centre, like a deep well, just waiting for us to discover it.

I was a high energy, extroverted child and when my joy bubbled up and escaped I was often told to “settle down.”  I am sure it was meant for “my own good;” however, that double-edged message became a theme and the plot of my “who do you think you are” story. Continue Reading