Is Your Heart In It?

09 Feb
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If your heart’s not in it, not engaged in what you’re doing, then neither are you. You’re just going through the motions.  Things may look good on the outside, but they don’t feel that good on the inside.

February is the month we focus on heart health and romantic love. It’s also important to pay attention to your heart’s desire, wisdom and the intelligence it holds.  Our heart is our compass.

Here’s a story about Toni (not her real name) who felt she was missing from her life.  I hope it inspires you to listen and trust what your heart is telling you.

On The Run

“I want to connect to my life in a more powerful and real way,” said the woman on my voice mail. This was an exciting message for me to receive.  It was bold and brave and I couldn’t wait to find out more about the woman who left it.

When I met Toni, she was jump-starting her Christmas shopping.  She wasn’t in a festive mood. She was feeling rushed and guilty about taking time away from the work she needed to do in her business.

“I’m always on the run and no farther ahead,” Toni told me. “I don’t have a grip on things.” On the outside it all looks great,” she said, “and I should be happy, but I’m not.”   Can you relate?

Quick Fixes

Toni was feeling lost and missing a deep and joyful connection with herself.  She spends a great deal of money on her hair, nails and makeup.  “It’s my only personal time,” said Toni.  “It’s a quick fix, I know and it doesn’t’ feel right or real anymore.”    What are your quick fixes?

Taking Care Of It All

Toni has been working hard since her teen years.  It’s what she knows. She is the voice of authority and support for the people around her. Toni’s family, staff and customers rely heavily on her and she does her best not to disappoint anyone.

Toni cannot maintain her hectic pace and she is feeling “worn out.”   “I’ve created a deep rut,” said Toni.  “ And I need help getting out.”   Are you in a rut?

Clear The Muddle

Toni wanted a different way to live.  She decided it was time to put her first and she knew she needed help to take action and clear the muddle in her mind.  She wanted to create real goals and a plan she could live with and actually stick to.

Permission To Feel Your Heart’s Desire

Toni’s energy was scattered.  Her first step was to slow down and begin to re-connect to what she really wanted and why she wanted it. Toni gave herself permission to feel her heart’s desire.

In my practice, I see how challenging this is and how quickly we can logic our way out of our heart’s desire and destroy our dreams.

Give Your Life The Undivided Attention It Deserves

Toni’s wish was “to go beyond the feeling of just surviving each day.” She wanted to feel more optimistic and powerful.  “I don’t want to loose track of myself again,” she said.

Toni took everything down a notch.  She began to care enough to really want to change her results.   What results to do you want?

Feeling More Alive

“Something important is happening,” said Toni.  “I’m feeling more alive.”  “It’s like I have a big ball of light on the inside to guide me.”

Toni is coming home to herself.  You can too.

A Courageous Step

Steven Pressfield sums it up perfectly in his quote…”Put your ass where your heart wants to be.”

When you follow your heart you are fully present, connected and genuinely real in every area of your life.

Following your heart is a courageous and deeply personal practice.  If you are ready to follow your heart, I am here to help guide you.


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