Results-Oriented Coaching
Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced

jolie femme souriante pouce levéHi, I’m Pauline Daniel. And with your permission, I’m going to help you become your absolute best. I’ll provide you all the support, guidance and expertise you need to transform your life into everything you’ve ever dreamed it could be.

I know you have doubts. Even the most accomplished and successful of my hundreds of clients over the past 17 years have had doubts. But together, we conquered them.

And I can help YOU do the same. How do I know?

Because I use a proven process designed to let go of the toughest fears, worry and hesitations … and build you up to become the powerful, strong and happy woman you truly are. Plus:

  • I really do LOVE what I do
  • I am absolutely devoted to your personal growth and success
  • I give you 100%

But there’s one small catch. Your desire for a better life must be strong… you must truly want to move beyond your patterns, doubts and fears that hold you back.

If you’re willing, my experience and unique approach will work for you. (You can even try a complimentary no-obligation Ideas & Insights Session)

And soon (even after as few as one or two sessions) you’ll experience more joy … greater clarity … increased self-confidence and self-love … you’ll feel a greater connection to yourself—new ways of relating and being with yourself and others. And others will notice, too.

Why My Coaching Services are so Unique and Effective:

Scientifically-Advanced, Spirit-based Power Coaching®
I received my training under this method through Coaching and Leadership International. Power Coaching® raises your awareness, gives you clarity on challenges and releases blocks to your thinking. Power Coaching® is confidential, safe, easy, fun and powerfully effective.

Measurable Progress and Return on Investment
One thing we will NOT do is meander through an endless string of coaching sessions. Instead, we use the Happiness Profile to measure where you are in 7 key areas of life right now. This is an easy way to see and evaluate your progress.

Affordable 90-minute Sessions
You’ll never feel rushed or in a hurry. And because you can enjoy my sessions 90-minute sessions for less than many charge per hour, you’ll find my services to be an affordable way to discover and create new joy in your life.

Present and Future-focused
Your past cannot be changed. And it does not dictate your future. So we don’t dwell on it. If we go there at all, it’s just long enough to determine how a patten or belief that no longer serves you began. This approach (and full 90-minute sessions) opens up far more time to helping you build a solid foundation to live happily today and to build the ideal future of your dreams.

To get started, fill in this form and I’ll send you a Personal Snapshot which gives me the information I need to do a complimentary Ideas & Insights Session with you.
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