Which Coaching Connections Package is Best For You?…

Individual Coaching Sessions

Two 90-minute sessions per month with email support between sessions. These private sessions and support are the most direct and personalized approach for you to enjoy positive change and results in your life.

We start by looking at where you are now with respect to your challenges, your personal strengths, and what you envision for yourself as your ideal life. In as little as one or two sessions, you’ll experience a noticeable transition away from stress, limiting habits and beliefs, and second-guessing yourself … and … you begin to feel better about yourself, find clarity and direction, achieve goals, improve your relationships, and more.

To discuss how individual coaching sessions can be of value to you, use the handy Contact Form or request the Personal Snapshot to set up your complimentary session.
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Workshops allow you to learn and grow while immersed in the nourishing energy of other women. I offer the following 3 types of workshops to serve your needs …

Fun ~ Freedom ~ Laughter ~ & Joy Workshop
As a woman, finding your way to lasting JOY and learning to express it may be the most important thing you do in your life. Even if you have a family who relies on you for love and support, this workshop will allow you to bring more joy into your life while simultaneously strengthening your relationships. In this workshop, you’ll release old patterns and limiting beliefs, which allow you to reclaim who you really are. Come learn to live more joyfully and feel truly connected to what is possible in every area of your life. You’re worth it!

Lead Yourself to Wisdom Workshop
Many ancient traditions refer to wisdom as “she.” This workshop helps you as a woman to connect with your wise inner self… to tap into what is most important to you… and to create inner harmony and outer balance in today’s often overloaded and overbooked lives. You’ll gain three steps you can take immediately to calm the internal struggle and live with a powerful sense of your JOY. Attend this workshop, and become more connected to your innate wisdom as a woman.

Connect to the Power of Your Life – Living on Purpose Workshop
If you are going through a major transition… wondering what is next in your life… or wanting to live with purpose, passion and more meaning, this workshop is for you. This powerful and thought-provoking workshop will inspire you to take charge of your life, connect to your desires and free the music in your soul. Receive the 3 keys to unlocking your purpose and passion and so much more. Go ahead… attend this workshop, and make a difference in your life and the lives you touch.

Coaching Parties

Life Coaching Parties offer women a fresh, fun way to learn about Life Coaching. These fun, informal events are all about women getting together with close friends and colleagues to experience Personal Coaching in an relaxed and fun setting. Life Coaching Parties are inspiring, empowering and connecting. Transform your life and have fun doing it! 
Contact me to book your party today.

“Up For Business” Seminars & Lunch-and-Learns

Up for Business invites you and your employees to bring the best of whom you are to work. These engaging events help employers, managers and staff maintain a positive, healthy and productive workplace environment. They are designed to boost performance, raise energy, focus on values and ensure well-being. Happy people are productive and kind. And whether you choose a 1-hour Lunch-and-Learn or a longer Seminar, you and the rest of your organization are sure to become a more focused, results-oriented team.
Each seminar is a combination of practical skills, innovative coaching tools and action steps. I can even weave a number of topics into the theme of the event. Fees vary.

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